In action

I’m not one for being in the limelight for the sake of it!

But if you want to be part of changing policy, processes and UK agriculture for the better then you have to be prepared to get out and about, to be seen and to be heard. So I take every opportunity to speak, to chair and to discuss very seriously.

Most importantly though, I am able to listen – in every region – to what farmers want for their future and from our NFU. That’s how I have developed my NFU vision. Whether it is talking with the Minister for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs or the main man in a typical arable team, every conversation matters to me.

Here I can share some links to how I am being reported by others in words, pictures and film.


Farmers Weekly reports (Jan 17th ’18) “Young farmer bids for seat at NFU top table”

News of my NFU VP nomination:

NFU conference 2017:

NFU Next Generation:

My co-option onto NFYFC Agri Steering Group:

The NFU and NFYFC joint membership of CEJA that I have facilitated:

NFU conference 2017:

We sent a hamper of British food to Liam Fox at NFU conference 2017:

NFU Conference 2017, Next Gen Breakout session:

An interview by the Financial Times:

Article in the South West Farmer after meeting Michael Gove: