I am very fortunate to be involved in discussions about farming at every level – from my home area in Staffordshire in my NFU branch, regionally, with government in London and on a European stage with my work with European farmer organisations.

So how could we, as farmers, be doing better in the way we farm, how we organise ourselves and communicate our values and issues with policy-makers and society?

I summarise my vision in this five point plan for our  NFU:

  1. Our integrated NFU
    • led by a dynamic team of office holders
    • efficient internal structure working for members
    • effective Union-to-member communication
  2. Integrating our industry
    • more collaboration
    • effective at every level with every stakeholder
    • United
  3. Agri ‘culture’ increasing productivity
    • investing in people
    • progressive on skills and training
    • better culture of Health & Safety
    • promoting mental health and wellbeing
  4. Food first policy
    • promoting ‘British’
    • efficient and fair supply chains
    • helping markets to function
  5. Our outward-looking strengthened NFU
    • widening membership
    • sharing our knowledge, values and role with society
    • embracing technological and ecological innovation